Motorcycles are dangerous and to not recognize this is the first step to either hurting yourself or others. It is quite obvious that a motorcycle is not a car, but what most people overlook is the finite skill set that operating a motorcycle requires and just because someone can drive a car on public roads of Florida does not mean that they can ride a motorcycle with any amount of proficiency. With just a few realizations about the dangers of motorcycles you can be on your way to a long and accident resistant future on two wheels.

The first realization that you must come to is that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is a must. If you only choose to wear one piece of gear then a helmet should be it, because it protects the part of your body that controls the rest of your limbs and functions. All it takes is one solid head injury to end your hopes of living the life you envisioned through decreased mental capacity, loss of motor functions, or death.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concluded that by simply putting on a helmet you could decrease your risk of a fatal accident by 37 percent. They also found that riders who do not wear helmets were 3 times as likely to die in a motorcycle accident then those who chose to wear one.

A second realization that you will need to come to when contemplating entering into the motorcycle world is that with the unique look and operation that a motorcycle has, it requires from the rider a unique skill set to navigate. Learning the basic function of all levers and buttons is crucial and should be mastered before a leg is even swung over the bike.

After learning the basic motorcycle function slow speed starting and stopping should be accomplished in a closed parking lot. Anyone who wishes to ride a motorcycle on public roads should have a proficient understanding of how to operate a motorcycle before they venture out where they will have to contend with other motorists.

Staying safe as a motorcycle is really not all that hard when you realize the dangers involved in riding and how to best decrease those dangers. Not all accidents are avoidable, but you can take steps to help keep yourself safer in the event of one.

If you have been hurt in a Daytona Beach motorcycle accident that was caused by another motorist, you need to be aware that you may have certain rights that you need to understand. For more information, contact a Daytona Beach motorcycle accident attorney at the Law Offices of Johnson and Gilbert at 1-800-556-8890.