What are the treatment options for glaucoma?

You had no idea you were suffering from glaucoma until it was too late. Just like everyone who wears glasses, the strength of your prescription was increased almost every year, but you didn’t think anything of it. Then, one day you woke up and could barely see.

Your doctor diagnosed you with glaucoma after checking your intraocular pressure, examining the ocular nerve, and running a few tests on your field vision. You’ve heard of people with glaucoma going blind, and wonder if the same will happen to you.

Common Treatments for Glaucoma

Although doctors can’t reverse your glaucoma, they may be able to manage your condition with the help of medication and other treatments. Some of the most common types of treatment include:

  • Medication. Glaucoma is typically treated by lowering the intraocular pressure in the eye. This is achieved through the use of eye drops, oral medications, and neuroprotective drugs.
  • Surgery. Eye surgeons can operate on the eye to help increase its health. Typically, this is used as a last resort. It’s most often used on patients who can’t tolerate the medications.
  • Natural compounds and food. Those who prefer holistic and naturopathic remedies and alternative therapies often turn to natural compounds and food to halt the progression of the disease. Some treatments that may be effective include dark chocolate, ginseng, salt, green tea, grape seed, vitamin E, fish oil, and resveratrol. Medicinal marijuana is also available to help relieve some of the pain associated with this debilitating condition.

When You’re Turned Down for Social Security, We Can Help

The loss of vision and pain you may experience from glaucoma could prevent you from working. As a result, you might apply for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, applicants are often denied for a variety of reasons; for instance, the Social Security Administration doesn’t normally contact the treating physician for a statement regarding the patient’s health, which doesn’t seem fair.

The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert have helped many glaucoma patients in Volusia County get the Social Security benefits they deserve, and we may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today to learn how.