The turbulence you encountered was extreme—unlike anything you’d experienced as a seasoned flight attendant. After you left Daytona Beach International Airport, it was about an hour into the flight when rough air caused a large box on a galley shelf to fall and land on your neck. At first, the pain wasn’t bad, but throughout the flight, your discomfort became worse.

How Workers’ Compensation Can Help You

Once you landed, you saw a doctor who took x-rays and found there was disc damage caused by trauma from the falling box. The physician mentioned workers’ compensation, and you wondered if it covers your injury. Here is a brief overview of what workers’ comp might cover:

  • Medical treatment. The exams, x-rays, medication, surgeries, physical therapy, and other treatments you might need because of the injury will likely be expensive. Fortunately, workers’ comp may cover the costs because the injuries occurred while you were at work. However, you must follow the proper protocol, so your claims aren’t denied.  

  • Time lost from work. Workers’ comp can help make up some of your lost salary due to time away from work. However, the amount paid by workers’ comp may be only a portion of your full paycheck.

    You’ll Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney on Your Side

    The world of workers’ comp can seem complex and impossible to navigate, and it doesn’t help if your employer drags his feet about giving you what you deserve. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert want to guide you through the process.

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