You never expected to get hurt on the job, but accidents happen. And although you’ve always been careful at work and take safety seriously, you couldn’t help that you were injured because of someone else’s mistake.

You went to Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center for the initial treatment, and the attending doctor stated you were likely eligible to receive workers’ compensation. However, you were told you must follow up with a workers’ compensation doctor, so your injuries, treatment, and progress are monitored and then covered by insurance.

Which Doctor Can You See?

You would like to see your current doctor for your injuries because you know and trust him. However, not all doctors are able to participate in workers’ compensation cases. If you don’t follow protocol by using a doctor who does participate, your case could be compromised, which can ruin your chances of getting compensation.  If you need a workers’ comp doctor, keep in mind:

  • A doctor is usually chosen for you. Each state has its own set of rules regarding whether or not patients are able to choose their own workers’ comp doctors. Although some exemptions do exist, the state of Florida does not generally allow you to pick which doctor you want to see; the insurance company does it for you.
  • You are able to switch doctors once. If you do not feel comfortable with your doctor or feel that he does not have your best interests in mind, you do have the right to switch doctors once. However, the insurance company also chooses the second doctor for you. The company has five days to find a new doctor, but if one isn’t found in that timeframe, you can choose the new doctor yourself.

The Process May Not Seem Fair

It may seem questionable that the insurance company gets to choose your doctor, so it’s important that you protect yourself. Because the insurance company wants to pay as little workers’ comp as possible, your doctor may downplay your injuries and encourage you to return to work sooner than you should. The doctor may even state you aren’t eligible for benefits, when you actually are.

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