Some things you just wish you didn’t see, like your great-Aunt Edna is her nightgown or your child after a run-in with a bottle of sticky caramel. Other things, however, you want to be able to view over and over again. When you’re injured at work and become blind, you feel like a basic human right was taken away from you, which doesn’t seem to be fair.

Common Causes of Work Injuries That Result in Blindness

Thousands of people lose their vision because of work accidents every year. This unfortunate occurrence is often caused by some of the same reasons, including:

  • Burns. Chemicals, extreme heat, fire, or hot liquid can cause blindness if they touch your eye. Even wearing safety glasses may not completely prevent the objects from causing severe damage.
  • Bright lights. Explosions and electrical sparks are just a few of the bright and damaging lights that can cause blindness in workers. Some of these injuries may have been prevented if the proper safety equipment was provided to the employees.
  • Eyestrain. You know how your eyes and head can start to hurt after a long day of staring at the computer? That discomfort is typically the result of eyestrain, which can cause partial to full blindness over time.
  • Foreign objects. Eyes don’t have much protection, so when a foreign object comes in contact with them, trouble typically ensues. Sand, grit, glass, and other sharp and rough debris can cause major damage when in contact with the eye.
  • Head injuries. A person can lose vision after a head injury, particularly if damage was done to the ocular nerves. Poor working conditions can cause slips, trips, and falls that can leave you with blurry vision or partial to full blindness.

We Will Fight For You

Losing your sight when you are trying to earn a living for your family just doesn’t seem right, and it’s not. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert understand the stress, fear, and pain you are experiencing and want to help you.

Contact us today to learn how we may be able to assist you in getting the workers’ compensation benefits you need to help pay for bills and other expenses, now that you are unable to work.