Motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer injury than the drivers of cars who strike them, especially if they suffer a blow to the head. Brain injury is the biggest determining factor in motorcyclist deaths, but even a biker who survives the accident will likely suffer long-term consequences—and some may never fully heal from the events of the crash.

The High Costs of TBI from a Motorcycle Crash

head_scanResearchers have estimated that victims who suffer brain injury in a motorcycle crash incur double the inpatient medical costs of bikers who did not.

As the total medical expenses for head injury victims can easily rise to over $100,000, it's easy to see the financial burden a traumatic brain injury can place on victims and their families.

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury will often result in:

  • Ongoing medical appointments. Some patients may benefit from physical therapy to regain lost motor skills and coordination, while others may need medication to treat seizure disorders resulting from the crash.
  • Psychological therapy. Victims often battle depression or anxiety after an accident, especially if the brain injury has resulted in permanent paralysis or disability.
  • Mental and cognitive regression. Severe trauma may cause memory loss, inability to concentrate, or a loss of cognitive and intellectual abilities.
  • Behavioral changes. Brain damage can cause changes in personality, such as emotional outbursts, mood swings, and inability to recognize social cues.
  • Surgery. Patients may need surgical intervention to stop hemorrhages (bleeds) in the brain or to correct seizure disorders that don't respond to medication.
  • Nursing care. A brain injury that causes someone the inability to control bodily movements or to live independently will require around-the-clock care.
  • Life support. Some patients may never regain consciousness after a crash, suffering a permanent coma state that requires breathing assistance and hospital life support.

In many cases, brain injury victims will be severely limited in their ability to earn a living, depriving them of income at a time when they need it most.

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