man_in_wheelchairMotorcyclists are often thrown from their bikes in a crash, leading to broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and other life-changing injuries.

One of the most devastating outcomes of a motorcycle accident is paralysis, which can prevent a victim from working, walking, or living independently after the crash.

Types of Paralysis Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

There are many different kinds and degrees of paralysis. Some forms may be temporary, and may last until the injury is healed. Others may cause a partial loss of sensation or function, such as numbness in fingers and toes. Patients suffering from long-term paralysis may see improvement through physical therapy sessions, and may need adaptations (such as canes or wheelchairs) to improve lost mobility.

However, in some cases, paralysis may be irreversible and cause drastic changes in a patient’s life. Some of the more serious forms of paralysis include:

  • Paraplegia. Paraplegia is a loss of feeling or ability in the lower half of the body. Depending on the extent of the injury, the patient may be unable to stand, walk, or feel his legs. Many patients with paraplegia are also unable to control their bladders or bowels, and some also suffer sexual dysfunction or infertility.
  • Quadriplegia. This form of paralysis affects all four limbs, and can potentially affect the trunk of the body as well. A patient is not only unable to control her arms and legs, but also may also be unable to breathe automatically without mechanical assistance and may need a catheter to control bodily functions. As a result, work opportunities for people with quadriplegia are extremely limited.
  • Spinal cord injury. Paralysis may be the result of a back or neck injury that damages the spinal cord. The extent of the effects depends on the location of the spinal cord injury. The higher the injury is on the back, the greater the loss of feeling may extend throughout the body.

Paralysis causes physical, emotional, and financial damage to a victim that can potentially last for the rest of his or her life. After an accident, it's vital that a victim not only recover the costs of past expenses, but also secure enough payment to provide for the future.

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