There is a lot of talk about motorcycle safety when day after day Florida media break the news of yet another grueling biker crash with devastating consequences, provoking a lot of talk about reckless bikers and powerful killer machines.

As passionate bike fans, the Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorneys of Johnson & Gilbert regularly analyze and disseminate objective information on motorcycle riding, risks and accident prevention. In our beautiful state and country, safe motorcycle rides are a right that is best protected by responsible behavior.

One recent study conducted by the University of Southern California has produced a wealth of useful information about biker safety. Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures, with funds from the National Highway Traffic Administration, has looked at 3,600 motorcycle accidents and is the largest study on the subject in recent times.

Some of the study’s findings are published hereafter (with more to come in subsequent articles):
  • Close to three quarters of the motorcycle accidents involved collision with another vehicle, usually a passenger car;
  • In two thirds of these multiple-vehicle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle violated the motorcycle right-of-way and caused the accident;
  • Most of these accidents were caused by drivers not detecting and recognizing the motorcycle, the most frequent configuration being a car turning left into the path of an oncoming motorcycle;
  • Frequently, in a crash involving another vehicle, the other driver’s view of the motorcycle was hampered by glare or obstructed by other vehicles;
  • One quarter of the accidents are single-vehicle crashes;
  • In two thirds of the single-vehicle crashes, the biker made an error or lost control of the bike, typically by running wide on a curve, under-cornering, sliding and falling;
  • Roadway defects and motorcycle failure account for no more than 2 and 3 percent respectively of the total number of accidents;
  • Most motorcycle crashes occur at intersections;
  • Most bike accidents occur during a short trip (rather than on hours, days or week-long voyages) and at a location close to the trip’s origin;

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