When people think about motorcycle crash injuries, road rash, broken bones, and head injuries typically come to mind. One major body part that is often affected, however, are the eyes. Even when you’re not involved in an accident, your eyes can suffer from painful and debilitating conditions just from riding, which means protection is extremely important.

Eye Injuries You May Experience on a Motorcycle

Wearing sunglasses or helmets offer protection, and certainly increases your chances of walking away from an accident with your vision intact, but doing so doesn’t guarantee it. Since your eyes are extremely vulnerable and don’t have much natural protection, you can experience injuries that range from minor to severe when hit by another vehicle while riding your motorcycle.

  • Eye abrasions. Rocks, sand, and dirt can create painful scratches in your eye when involved in a motorcycle crash, or even when simply riding. All it takes is a small piece of gravel to become stuck in your eye and you could experience major vision defects.
  • Blurred and double vision. Florida does not require all motorcycle riders to wear helmets, and as a result, many bikers suffer from head and brain injuries. Blurred and double vision can be a result of traumatic brain injuries. Although wearing a helmet doesn’t always keep your head safe, it offers more protection than wearing nothing.
  • Blindness. Rocks and other road debris can find their way into your eye even when you are riding down the road, but the risk is much greater when you are struck by another car and thrown from your bike. Partial or full blindness is possible when you’re involved in an accident.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Don’t allow a negligent driver to affect your life and livelihood because you are forced to live with an eye injury. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert will work hard to attempt to get you the compensation you deserve that can help pay for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and time lost from work. Speak with one of our experienced legal professionals to learn more.