Riding a bike in Florida is great. Bikers have fun and will talk endlessly about the joys of motorcycling. So, are you thinking of buying one for you?

Before you do that, take a few moments to check whether you are really the right person to become a motorcycle rider. After all, like piloting an airplane or driving an 18-wheeler, riding a motorcycle requires unique skills, and if you crash there will be nothing to protect you from death and terrible injuries.

Are you a risk taker? If you tend to be aggressive or reckless in a car or if you like driving fast and are not afraid of tailgating or swerving, motorcycling may not be for you. While you may get away with speed and risk-taking in a car, you are likely to get killed or seriously hurt on a motorcycle. If you have a tendency to drink alcohol regularly and believe you can withstand the effect of alcohol while driving, you are in for big trouble. Alcohol on a motorcycle is deadly, because the speed of reaction and focus required to ride a bike are far higher than when driving a car.

Can you drive a stick-shift car? This would help you in the first phase of training and learning. Being used to the proper manual use of gear shifts is essential to good motorcycle riding.

Are you mechanically inclined? The essential mechanical parts of your motorcycle are exposed and require regular checking and maintenance. Cleaning is the first step of a proper inspection. Remember that if your brakes don’t work well, or if your transmission chain could snap at any time, your life may be at risk.

Can you focus? When you drive a car, especially with a cruise control on a freeway, you can afford to relax a little. On mountain roads or in the rush-hour traffic on your bike, you should not lift your eyes one second from what is before and around you. Slamming your brakes or making a sharp turn to avoid something you did not see coming will get you in trouble on a motorcycle much faster than if you were driving a car. Remember, you only have two wheels.

Are you willing to invest in a rider course? If you are inexperienced and you think that you have the inbred talent and ability to ride a motorcycle, you should reconsider. A great many motorcycle crashes in Florida are single vehicle accidents caused by the rider’s inability to adjust the speed to the road conditions, or to maneuver in a tricky situation. Riding a bike requires unique skills and training.

Do you have the physical ability to ride a motorcycle? If you are constantly nervous, have trouble concentrating or difficulty coordinating several movements, if you don’t have good vision or your sense of balance has deteriorated, you may want to think further before buying a motorcycle. Motorcycles are also not recommended for people who are overweight or suffer from stiffness or back pain.

Several of the attorneys of Johnson & Gilbert are passionate motorcyclists and supporters of safe and responsible driving. We have seen too many terrible motorcycle crashes in Florida, however, not to do everything we can to warn bikers of the risks they incur.

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