evidenceIf another driver causes a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation from him for your injuries. However, you have the burden of proving not only the seriousness of your injuries but also that he is responsible. This job starts at the scene of the accident, where you need to collect the necessary evidence for both factors and strengthen your claim with his insurance company.

Car Accident Scene Evidence You Need

While it's important to collect evidence right after a wreck, your first priority is to be certain anyone hurt—including you—receive prompt medical care. Then, if possible, you—or someone on your behalf if you're too injured—should try to obtain information helpful to your claim. Some of this evidence could be lost if it's not secured right away.

Here are key types of evidence that could help you:

  • Driver information. This includes details from the driver's license, license plate, and insurance provider.
  • Police report. Even if you don't believe you'll file a property damage or injury claim, call law enforcement to the scene and obtain a copy of the police report. If you later discover you were hurt more seriously than you thought, you'll need the report to file your claim, and it could contain helpful information about the cause of the wreck.
  • Witness contact information. Third-party neutral witnesses can provide corroborating evidence that supports your claim as to how the collision occurred.
  • Photos of:
    • Vehicle damage. They may help establish the cause of the wreck as well as provide powerful evidence as to how serious it was.
    • Road conditions. Improper signage or defects in the road demonstrate contributing factors to the accident.
    • Skid marks. An accident reconstruction expert, hired by your attorney, may use pictures of these to detail how the crash occurred.
    • Debris. If debris on the road contributed to your accident, it's important to document this before it's removed.
  • Red light and security camera footage. Did your crash occur near a business or intersection? There may be a red light camera or security camera tape of your wreck. Make a note of the location of the camera or take a picture of it.

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