Most motorcycle safety training programs teach you how to maintain control of your motorcycle. They rarely teach you how to regain control once you have lost it. If you do lose control of your motorcycle, you should squeeze both levers fast. No thinking, just do it.

When you approach the crest of a hill, move away from the center line in order to avoid other drivers who may come at you in your lane. You need to buy yourself some space and not be caught off guard.

When riding in a group, the best driver should be located in the drag position. The rider in this position will usually be the first person to deal with an accident, and he or she will be in the best position to note the riding skills of a group.

When riding in a group, changing lanes should be done just like passing a car, one at a time, first bike to last. The drag bike is the last to make a lane change. Only after the drag bike changes lanes should the speed of the group change.

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