The pain started out small, but over time, it has become debilitating. You’ve been working at a job you love for over a decade, but your neck pain has made getting to work every day impossible. Along with the discomfort, you are experiencing severe headaches, trouble with your vision, and difficulties with other parts of your body, all because of your neck injury. Fortunately, Orlando Social Security benefits may help you with your income, if you meet the qualifications.

Cervical Spine Problems

Typically, having certain conditions automatically qualifies you to receive Social Security disability benefits. For instance, spinal root compression pain, muscle weakness with loss of feeling or reflexes in those muscles, and having limited movement of your spine typically result in receiving benefits. Additionally, benefits are also often awarded to those who have spinal arachnoiditis, a painful condition caused by inflammation of the spine that causes those affected to have to move at least once about every two hours.

Joint Disorders

Certain joint disorders can also cause enough disabling neck pain and related complications that could make it impossible to work. Typically, to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must show that you have a deformity in the joint, such as joint space narrowing, destruction of the bone, or ankylosis—when your joints fuse together.

Illnesses That Cause Joint Pain

Certain conditions can cause joint pain so severe that working becomes impossible. For instance, lupus, inflammatory or rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis of the spine may cause your discomfort and allow you to receive Social Security.

Of course, not all of the neck conditions that could qualify you to receive Orlando Social Security are listed. Speaking with an attorney from Johnson and Gilbert about your pain could give you insight as to whether or not you may be awarded with the benefits.

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