florida_vacationIf an injury happens while you're on vacation, it makes sense that you would want to return home before starting your personal injury case. You need to recover from your injury and see your personal physician to know what to expect after the accident.

However, before you hire an attorney, it's critical to find the lawyer who will best represent you—and he or she may not be the one back home.

How to Choose the Right Attorney After a Florida Vacation Injury

The most important thing to consider in a personal injury case is jurisdiction. In order to be able to hear your case—and give you an award—the case must be filed and heard in the appropriate venue, also known as the jurisdiction.

There may be more than one court that has jurisdiction over the case. Cases for injuries that occur on vacation may be heard in the state where the injury occurred, but may also be heard in the state where one of the parties resides. For instance, if the person who struck you lives in Florida and the injury occurred in Florida, the case will likely be filed there, even if you live in another state.

Once you establish the jurisdiction of your case, consider the following when hiring the appropriate attorney:

  • Areas of practice. Your attorney should not only be well-versed in personal injury law, but also have experience in crash cases as well as the specific type of injuries you suffered.
  • Familiarity with similar cases. There are many benefits to having an attorney familiar both with your kind of case and the local area. For example, a local attorney will be able to collect evidence from the crash scene quickly, demonstrate the visibility problems on a particular roadway, and know whom to call for expert witnesses.
  • State and local laws. Not all laws will cross borders, especially those about distracted driving or alcohol use. If you were injured by a driver on a cell phone or someone who was under the influence, you need an attorney who is aware of the applicable state and local penalties for these actions.

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