Car accidents can lead to serious, permanent injuries.  Accident victims have been known to suffer debilitating injuries from crashes, including paralysis.  If you or someone you love has become paralyzed from a Florida auto accident, you need to be aware of your legal rights.

Paralysis either affects the entire body, which is known as quadriplegia, or just the lower area, which is known as paraplegia.  Both types of paralysis can change life as you know it.  When you become paralyzed, you are forced to face a life that is extremely altered and you must adapt to your condition.  Some people who are partially paralyzed are able to walk, but many others have to use wheelchairs.

In addition to facing the challenges of paralysis, there are also many other health complications that may arise.  For example, bed sores, pneumonia, osteoporosis, thrombosis, breathing difficulty and other health problems have been linked to paralysis.

Medical treatment and rehabilitation following a car accident that leads to paralysis can be expensive.  Families are often placed under financial distress, as the medical bills add up and income dwindles.  If your car accident was caused by negligence, you should hold the other driver accountable and may be entitled to compensation.  Even though financial compensation cannot undo what has happened to you, it can help ease the financial burden from your injuries.

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