Everyday while on my way to my Ormond Beach office, I travel along scenic A1A. Weather permitting, there are many people riding their bicycles along AIA and its sidewalks.  What amazes me is many bicyclist disregard the crossing signals at intersections.  What is even more surprising is that many bicyclist have a child seat hooked behind them with a small child riding along.  Just this morning at the intersection of Granada Blvd and A1A in Ormond Beach, a mother with her infant strapped behind, crossed Granada Blvd without even seeming to look at the big red hand indicating "do not cross".  Not only does this endanger the rider, but also the young child along for the ride.  Even though pedestrians and bicyclist have the right of way when in a cross walk, this is of little solace when struck by a car because the rider ignored the traffic device.

I urge those on bicycles, especially with children, to pay attention to traffic signs and signals and do not assume that automobiles or trucks will give you the right of way.  This dangerous assumption could have tragic consequences.
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