The reason driving while using an electronic device is dangerous is simple. It distracts the driver from his or her most important priority-driving.

There are three main types of distractions:

• Visual
• Cognitive
• Manual

These distractions can cause you to take your eyes or mind off the road or lose momentary control of the wheel.

Hand-held devices are often the cause of the distraction

Texting is the most alarming of all distractions because if involves all three major distractions. The source of this information is

Other distractions include:

• Using a cell phone
• Eating and drinking
• Talking to passengers
• Grooming
• Reading (including maps)
• Using a PDA or navigation system
• Watching a video
• Changing the radio station, CD, or MP3 player.

Use a cell phone and activity in the part of your brain activity devoted to driving decreases by 37 percent. Nearly 6000 fatalities involving a distracted driver occur every year. Younger drivers are those most affected by such driving. Use a hand-held device and you are four times more likely to get into an injury-causing accident. Use a cell phone and the distraction is the equivalent of being legally drunk in most states.

Distracted driving is a serious national problem. Besides the loss of life, over a half million people have been injured in accidents in which at least one driver was distracted while driving. Even this statistic may not represent the size of the problem, since it is likely that such driving is under-reported.

Unfortunately, the problem is likely to get worse as more and more of the young are using electronic devices while driving. It is estimated that up to 800,000 vehicles are being driven at any one time during the day while the driver is using a hand-held device.

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