Flight attendants have interesting jobs. Not only do they get to travel the world, they also get to meet new people, enjoy the perks of working for airlines, and experience new sights. As great as these jobs are, they also have hidden dangers many don’t know about.

Layovers are a way of life for flight attendants, and spending time in unfamiliar airports and motels is part of the job. Unfortunately, flight attendants may become injured during these stops. These injuries can be serious and result in time away from work and lost wages.

Are You Covered If You’re Injured on a Layover?

You may be eligible to receive workers’ comp if you suffer injuries while on layover, but certain criteria must be met. Here is a brief overview:

  • Injuries under “the course and scope of employment.” When filing for workers’ comp, you may hear the phrase “the course and scope of employment.” This refers to the hours and circumstances of your job. Employees who are injured under this term typically qualify for workers’ comp; however, they must prove they were indeed hurt during this time, which is often difficult.
  • After-hours incidents. Did you break your ankle on faulty steps at your hotel? Although you weren’t actually working at this time, you will likely qualify for workers’ compensation because you were at the hotel due to your job. The accidents don’t always have to take place during working hours in order to qualify.
  • Injuries during social activities. You may not think you’re covered if you break your arm on a sight-seeing trip in the town where you’re on layover. But if the court finds that your participation in this event was reasonably expected or anticipated, you could receive compensation.

When Workers’ Comp Is Complicated, Let Us Help

Some workers’ comp cases are simple and easily resolved, but some fall into a gray area, like injuries during layovers. Proving that you deserve workers’ compensation is sometimes difficult, but an experienced attorney may be able to help.

The legal professionals of Johnson and Gilbert want to help you get the assistance you need. Contact us today to learn how we have helped other workers in the Ormond Beach area, and request your free copy of the book It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Workers Comp.


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