This week, after a fatal minivan accident in Jacksonville, we have been discussing minivan safety and crash prevention. While most people are aware that minivans are larger and handle differently than other vehicles, many don’t realize that what you put inside your minivan can have an affect on how it drives and what will happen if an accident occurs. Here’s more:


  • Distribute weight evenly. There is a lot of misinformation about how to pack vans before trips or when moving. The best way to go: distribute your load throughout the car so that your vehicle is not off balance, top-heavy, or back-heavy.
  • Tie down big loads. A shocking number of traffic accident injuries occur when a piece of cargo becomes a projectile during a collision. In fact, even small items that are not packed well can cause harm during a crash, especially if children are in the car.
  • Watch the total weight of your vehicle. Minivans have maximum capacities – and these are not difficult to reach if you are carrying a full load of passengers as well as luggage. Keep this in mind when you are packing.
  • Check your tires. As you load your car, the state of your tires and tire pressure become even more vital to your safety. Tires need more than a kick before you embark on a road trip with a heavy load.


One of the major benefits of minivans is that they can carry so many people and so much cargo. But this benefit can become a danger if you do not know how to properly load your vehicle.

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