As a Floridian, you know the Sunshine State is home to some of America’s most gorgeous beaches, including Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach. Driving on these beautiful beaches is an activity that many motorists participate in each year. Those new to driving on the beach are often unaware of the different zones, and riding in the wrong area could cause a Volusia County car crash.

  • Natural Zones. Natural zones are typically areas in which development is less intense. Dune habitats are intact and the highest concentration of turtle nesting occurs here. Public driving and parking is typically not permitted in these areas.
  • Transitional Zones. Transitional zones feature a mixture of natural dunes and some beach seawalls. The concentration of people in these areas is less intense and the amount of turtle nesting is moderate. Public parking and driving is allowed in the transitional zone 30 feet seaward of the dunes and seawall.
  • Urban Zones. Off-beach development, including hotels, seawalls, and high-rise condominiums occur in urban zones. The concentration of people in this area is high and turtle nesting is minimal. Public parking and driving is prohibited 15 feet seaward of the dunes or seawall.

Driving on the beach is typically pleasurable, but sometimes the worst happens, even despite your best efforts. If you are the victim of a Volusia County car crash, the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert may be able to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and speak to one of our experienced lawyers about your situation.

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