You do not have to be traveling in an automobile or truck to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Everyday pedestrians or bicyclist are injured or killed when struck by a motor vehicle.  Just recently, a pedestrian was killed in Orange City while crossing 17-92. Florida is a "no-fault" state, but licensed drivers in Florida are required to carry Personal Injury Protection.  If a pedestrian or bicyclist is injured by the negligence of another, PIP is the source of insurance coverage to pay for medical expenses and lost wages.  If an injured pedestrian or bicyclist owns a car and has PIP insurance, then your PIP should be utilized for medical care.  If that person does not own a car, but lives with a "resident relative" who does, then that relatives PIP should be used.  If neither of these apply and the negligent driver has PIP coverage (or lives with a resident relative with PIP coverage), then the injured person can use the driver's PIP for medical care and lost wages. 

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