It is an all too common occurrence in the Daytona/Ormond beach area...a pedestrian was struck and killed while crossing the road.  Unfortunately, many beaches in our area are only accessible by crossing A1A.  Due to the heavy traffic this time of year, pedestrians need to take extra care when crossing a roadway.  Traffic devices MUST be obeyed!  Look both ways before crossing.  It is common to hear "pedestrians have the right of way"...although true in most cases, this is of little consolation if you are struck and seriously injured or killed by a motorist.  Everyone using the roadways in Daytona/Ormond and Flagler beach share responsibility in making our area safer.  As a pedestrian, NEVER ASSUME that a motorist sees you.  Check traffic before crossing, even if you have a crossing signal.  Always cross in a designated walkway and make sure you have plenty of time to cross if you see oncoming traffic.  Exercising a little caution could help avoid serious injury or death.
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