Motorcyclists love Florida, and why not? The weather is perfect, the scenery is gorgeous, and the camaraderie among other bikers just can’t be beat. Whether you are riding down the coast looking at the picturesque beaches in Daytona, or simply enjoying Volusia County’s back roads, you are sure to fall in love with riding in the Sunshine State.

Unfortunately, accidents occur here frequently. Perhaps it’s the weather, the number of bikers on the road, the terrain, or a combination of these factors and more that makes motorcycle crashes so frequent. Whatever the reasons, bike crashes can cause serious injuries and are sometimes—all too often!—fatal.

Frightening Facts Concerning Motorcycle Crashes

If you were involved in a bike crash recently, you know just how frightening and stressful the experience can be. Here, we uncover some starting facts about motorcycle crashes in Florida. Knowing them could prevent you from getting involved in another crash.

  • About half of all motorcycle crashes in Florida occur on the weekends.
  • Florida’s age-restricted helmet law has contributed to the increase in motorcyclist deaths.
  • About 94 percent of all motorcyclists who were injured in Florida were residents of the state.
  • About 80 percent of all Florida motorcycle crashes result in an injury or death to the driver.
  • Baby boomers account for the majority of motorcyclists on Florida roads. The number of riders over the age of 45 has increased by 174 percent in the last few years.

Attorneys Can Help Accident Victims

If you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you have rights. The insurance company doesn’t want you to know about them, but the law offices of Johnson and Gilbert do.

Contact us today through our website or by giving us a call to discuss your situation. We can tell you how we have helped other people receive compensation when they were in situations similar to yours.

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