There’s a great debate among passenger vehicle drivers and motorcyclists as to who is to blame for most Florida motorcycle crashes. Bikers often blame drivers, and vice versa. Bikers typically feel that drivers don’t yield to them, while many motorists believe bikers dangerously swerve in and out of traffic, both of which can cause accidents. However, who is really to blame for these wrecks? Let’s take a look.

Motorists on the Move

According to a study conducted by the University of South Florida Center for Urban Transportation Research, motorists are to blame for a majority of the accidents between motorcycles and other types of vehicles. In fact, the motorists cause about 60 percent of crashes involving bikers and motorists.

Bikers Take the Blame, Too

The study also showed that bikers are partly to blame for the accidents, as well. Research data shows that motorcyclists have a significantly higher number of single crashes than other drivers, which means bikes often crash on their own without any other vehicles involved. In fact, when it comes to severe and fatal bike accidents, 50 percent of the crashes only involved the bike.

Prevention on Both Sides

The bottom line is, no matter which party is more at fault, prevention is needed on both sides. Car drivers and truckers should be more aware of bikers around them. Paying attention and looking twice before you turn or merge could save lives. Additionally, bikers should try to make themselves more easily seen. Wearing brighter colors and using hand signals may make the drivers around them more aware of their presence. Driving the speed limit may also prevent bikers and motorists from getting into accidents, as well.

Getting involved in Florida motorcycle crashes can happen even to the very best bikers. If you are the victim of such a crash, you may be facing serious injuries and major medical bills. The lawyers of Johnson and Gilbert want to help. Give us a call at 800.556.8890 to find out more.

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