Every driver on the road should follow these tips to help prevent automobile accidents.

  • Don't use the fast or passing lane if you can avoid it. If you use the right lane or center lane you have more room to maneuver if a problem requires you to change lanes quickly. The left lane is where most accidents happen.
  • Always scan the area ahead. Look much farther than just the car in front of you. You need to have an idea of what is happening far ahead to avoid coming onto a surprise incident in the road. You can decrease your chances of a rear end collision.
  • Always be aware of blind spots. Both cars and trucks have blind spots. Sometimes they just can't see you, and likewise, sometimes you can see them. You cannot just rely on your rearview mirrors and you cannot rely on the other drivers' rearview mirrors. Turn around to look in lanes that you cannot see with your mirrors and try to avoid driving in others' blind spots.
  • Put your hands in the right driving position, which is the 9 and 3 o'clock position. You will get maximum vehicle control in these positions. Avoid the 12 o'clock position or both hands at the bottom of the steering wheel.
  • Get your seat close enough to the steering wheel to avoid fatigue. That means being close enough to rest your wrist on top of the wheel with your arm stretched out and your back on the seat.

We'll provide more tips in the future.

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