Large trucks and passenger cars handle differently. This, in short, is the message coming across to young drivers in a new program offering tips on driving around semi-trucks and buses to parents, educators and teens.

More than 5,000 teens were killed in accidents with large trucks in the United States over the past four years. Many novice drivers in Florida and elsewhere are not aware of the dynamics of a big rig, and fail to recognize key factors such as their destructive power, much longer stopping distance, blind spots, slow reaction time, wide turns and the toll of terrible injuries and death after a collision.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has recently launched a campaign aiming at reducing accidents involving large trucks and teen drivers. The program provides an instructor’s manual, student workbook, DVD, brochures and one-page handout. This material is very instructive and useful for teens and adults alike and can be ordered or downloaded on the CVSA’s Teens and Trucks website.

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