A pelvic fracture is a common injury in motorcycle accidents. This fracture can be mild, but very often it’s extremely serious. If you ride a motorcycle and travel Interstate 75, A1A, International Speedway Blvd., or other busy roads in the Daytona Beach area, you risk being involved in an accident that could leave you with a broken pelvis.

If your doctor believes you have a pelvic fracture, he’ll request an x-ray and possibly an MRI to determine the seriousness of your injury. It’s possible there could be more than one fracture, and a severe fracture can be life-threatening and require emergency medical care.

Treatment for Pelvic Fractures

Depending on the severity of the fracture, your treatment could be fairly simple, or you may need surgery. Either way, you may pay expensive medical bills due to another driver’s negligence. If you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident, and you’ve suffered a pelvic fracture, here are some treatments your doctor might recommend:   

  • Non-surgical treatment. Fractures that occur over time, such as those sustained by athletes or runners from putting constant pressure on the joint, are considered “stable.” These breaks often heal on their own without the help of surgery. However, because it’s difficult for patients to put pressure on their legs during the healing process, they often require crutches or a walker to get around. A doctor may also prescribe pain medication for the discomfort and blood thinners to prevent clots from forming.
  • Surgical treatment. A fracture that occurs because of a high-impact collision, like a car crash or a fall from a high place, often requires surgery. Doctors may use external fixators—devices with long screws that are inserted in the bones on each side of the leg and connected to a frame around the body—to stabilize the pelvis while they address injuries that may have occurred to internal organs. After the fixators are removed, screws and pins may need to be inserted into the hip, or traction may be used.

Don’t Settle for Less Than What You Deserve

Those with pelvic fractures are typically unable to work, and their medical treatment can be expensive. If you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the attorneys at Johnson and Gilbert don’t believe you should have to pay for those expensive medical treatments. If you feel the same, contact us today by calling 800.556.8890 to schedule your free case evaluation.


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