You’ve been searching for that perfect motorcycle to cruise around Daytona Beach. And although riding a motorcycle puts you at risk to experience certain dangers, you know that some bikes offer better protection than others.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle fatalities increased by seven percent in 2012. About 15 percent of all highway deaths were from motorcycle riders, making motorcyclists about 30 times more likely to become injured than car or truck drivers.

Can Your Bike Keep You Safe?

Aside from driving safely, motorcyclists can receive some protection from their bikes. Newer bikes typically offer safety features that may prevent serious injuries from occurring. Some of these features include:

  • Lower seats. When choosing a bike, look for one that features a lower seat. Seats that are closer to the road allow the rider to maintain better control at low speeds and while stopped.
  • Anti-lock brakes. This type of braking system isn’t available on many older model motorcycles, but it can help prevent accidents.  Anti-lock brakes help a motorcycle rider maintain stability of the bike during braking and decrease the stopping distance between the bike and another vehicle. These brakes can also provide greater traction.
  • Airbag jackets. Some new bikes offer airbag jackets that deploy when the threat of an accident is detected. Such models can protect a rider when a collision occurs.
  • Smaller engines. One of the biggest challenges motorcycle riders face is the sheer weight of their bikes, and much of that weight comes from the engine. Newer bikes are often fitted with lighter engines that allow for better handling and greater control.   

We understand the importance of motorcycle safety, and we’re concerned with yours. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert recognize the dangers motorcyclists face. We hope these tips may offer some help, and that you will enjoy safe riding and the feel of the open road for years to come.