Why a truck driver's health condition is important to Florida motorists

Close to 85 percent of the victims of 18-wheeler crashes in Florida are the occupants of passenger cars. This is hardly surprising when you compare the size and mass of a tractor-trailer and that of a car. Even if some of these devastating accidents are caused by the passenger car, a sizeable number of large truck crashes in Florida result from a truck driver error.

Truck drivers lead a harsh life, in most cases. Their job may seem appealing at first sight, and from a distance, but the reality is different. There are many reasons why a truck driver's health could deteriorate over the years to a point where driving a truck becomes dangerous for the driver and other motorists on the road. Some of these reasons are:
  • Most interstate long-haul drivers are paid by the mile, and the system keeps them under constant pressure to drive more;
  • Most tractor-trailer drivers work away from home, for long periods, far from the comfort of home cooking, grocery stores, regular meals and exercise;
  • When truck drivers manage to find a parking space at a truck stop, the food served is usually unhealthy processed food, high in sugar and fat, low in nutrients. Many drivers eat snacks and sandwiches on the road during their driving time, and drink sodas or coffee to stay alert;
  • Truck drivers often work irregular hours, alternating day and night work, long waiting times and short sleep periods, and high stress to meet deadlines;
  • It is far more difficult for truck drivers than for the average person to do a minimum amount of cardio, core or muscular exercise.

Many truck drivers, after a few years, develop back aches, overweight, headaches, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, respiratory problems or other serious health issues that they treat with various drugs. Drugs, most of the time, deal with the symptoms and produce their own range of side effects.

The immediate risks of a deteriorating health condition and drug-induced effects are fatigue, drowsiness, slow reaction time, lack of focus and sudden seizures or strokes.

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