No one can explain away the emotional turmoil a person goes through when he loses a loved one. First of all, tragedy affects everyone differently and you can’t predict how it will affect you until it happens. Secondly, everyone has his or her own way of coping with loss. In some cases, knowing when a loved one will pass makes grieving a little easier since you have time to prepare yourself and say your goodbyes. However, in situations where a death is sudden or unexpected, the feelings of grief may be much stronger. The grieving process generally follows five distinct stages:

  1. Denial. Due to the overwhelming stress of the situation, you may not be able to fully comprehend what has happened. As such, you can’t and won’t believe that you’ll never see your loved one again.
  2. Anger. In order to delay your natural feelings of remorse, you replace your feelings of sadness with anger and resentment. You become filled with rage and hate toward the entire sequence of events and that took her from you, especially toward the person responsible for the collision.
  3. Bargaining. In order to avoid having to face reality, you try to bargain and barter with whomever you think will listen to have just one more day together. This can also bring up feelings of guilt, especially if you survived the car accident.
  4. Depression. After denial, anger, and bargaining fail to relieve your pain, there comes a time where you can no longer deny reality and the crushing feeling of sadness settles in. This may also be accompanied by feelings of regret for all the things you wished you had said or done with her. 
  5. Acceptance. Finally, time will help you come to terms with your loss and you’ll accept that there is nothing you can do to bring your loved one back. However, there is something you can do to get justice for her.

The Legal Side of Grief

In addition to the emotional cost of a sudden fatal accident, continuous legal actions draw out grief and prolong the mourning period. Family members may have to take part in legal proceedings such as criminal negligence cases or may even choose to pursue a wrongful death claim in order to get justice for the deceased. Unfortunately, these proceedings can be stressful in their own right, but going through it when you’re already grieving can definitely take its toll. That’s where we come in.

Allow yourself and family to process your grief and get justice without adding needless stress onto an already tense situation. Contact our office today and we’ll look into pursuing a wrongful death claim on your behalf. With over 20 years’ worth of experience helping victims like you through car accident crises, we know how to get the justice your loved one deserves. Let us put our skills to work for you. Call us today at 800.556.8890, and see how we can help you and your family.

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