Florida has 39 weigh stations considered by truck drivers to be fitted with some of the best and most trucker-friendly infrastructure in the country. A state-of-the-art weigh-in-motion system allows the truck to quickly pass through, unless the truck is overweight and triggers the alarm or the truck is randomly chosen for an in-depth inspection.

Weigh stations are control and inspection points where a truck's gross and axle weight are tested. The purpose of weigh stations is to enforce federal, state and local regulations and to prevent deadly tractor-trailer crashes in Florida. Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) inspectors have the authority to check for other violations, such as an improper entry in the log book, a cracked rim or worn-out tires.

For most 18-wheelers, the federal weight limit (gross weight) is 80,000 pounds, unless the truck operates under a special overweight permit for a particular trip.

The maximum axle weight is also an important element of truck driving safety: Drive and trailer axle weights cannot exceed 22,000 pounds per axle.

Why is a truck's weight so important? 18-wheelers that are overloaded or operated with unevenly distributed cargo can be the cause of serious accidents, for many reasons, including:
  • Risk of accelerated brake wear;
  • Very slow uphill and excessive downhill speed;
  • Higher risk of rolling over and cargo spillage;
  • Inefficient brake power distribution and longer braking distance;
  • Tire blow-out;
  • Uneven wheel grip on the pavement.

Truck drivers and motor carriers have the responsibility to prevent deadly truck crashes by all available means. In passenger car fatal collisions with large trucks, 85 percent of the victims are the occupants of passenger cars.

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