Traveling on I-95 and I-4 can be dangerous.  Over the years there have been many tragic car accidents involving stalled or broken down vehicles which are struck by a moving car or truck.  Just recently there was a fatality on I-95 involving a tractor trailer striking a disabled vehicle near Ormond Beach.  If you have to pull to side of the road for any reason, always try to pull your vehicle as far over on the shoulder as is safely possible.  Always put on your vehicle's hazard lights.  If you must get out of the vehicle, try to stay as far away from the road as possible and always keep your eyes on moving traffic.  It is also advisable to keep an emergency roadside kit in your car which usually contains emergency lights and reflective signs to place around your disabled car.  Just remember that these highways are dangerous!  Anytime you must pull off of the road, be cautious and stay alert, it could save your life.
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