Whiplash in children is often times overlooked, both statistically, and with insurance companies. Your child is at risk for this type of injury if they are involved in a Daytona Beach car accident.

About whiplash

Whiplash is a common type of car accident injury, especially in children. Whiplash:
  • Is an injury to the soft tissue of the neck
  • Results from a sudden back-and-forth movement of the head
  • Commonly occurs in rear collisions
  • Commonly occurs in children, since their spines are not as strong as that of an adult

When you think your child has suffered a whiplash injury

Whiplash in children is often times hard to diagnose, especially in young children. They have a more difficult time describing their symptoms. You should seek medical attention immediately if your child has been involved in a Florida car accident and think they have suffered an injury, such as whiplash.

Compensation for your child’s whiplash injury

It is estimated that as little as two percent of whiplash literature is devoted to children. It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to deny paying for treatment for a child that has suffered whiplash.

That is why you should speak with an experienced car accident attorney. They can help defend your child’s rights and get them the compensation they deserve.

If your child has suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident, contact one of our experienced Daytona Beach car accident attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. at (386) 673-4412 or (800) 556-8890.
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