Unfortunately, no, according to state and national traffic safety studies showing motorcycle accidents are on the rise.

Motorcycle accident fatalities have been increasing, while they’ve been dropping for all other traffic accidents. When the final tally is known, it is expected more than 5,000 will have been fatally injured in motorcycle crashes throughout the country last year, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association of Washington, D.C.

An association study shows that only Texas and California outpace Florida in the number of fatal motorcycle accidents. Some 358 persons were killed in Texas motorcycle accidents over the first nine months of last year, compared with 318 in California and 287 in Florida.

All three are big, warm-weather states where motorcycles can be ridden year ’round. The study also notes high gasoline prices may prompt more people to choose motorcycles as a cost-saving mode of transportation.

The attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A., having seen the rising numbers of serious and fatal injuries, stress the importance of having experienced legal representation when examining motorcycle accidents. Our Greater Daytona Beach-area motorcycle accident attorneys cite studies showing drivers of cars and trucks are at fault more than half the time in collisions with motorcycles.

While all traffic fatalities declined from 2005 to 2010, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study notes fatal motorcycle accidents increased in all but one of the past 15 years. Statistics show motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely being fatally injured than someone riding in a car. Riders who wear helmets increase their chances of surviving a motorcycle crash by 40 percent. Florida’s law requiring helmets was repealed in the year 2000.

Researchers point to a number of steps for motorcycle riding safety:

  • Invest in a good helmet
  • Don’t saddle up until you’ve been properly trained
  • Get properly licensed
  • Drive slower
  • Don’t consume alcohol and ride
  • Do encourage programs to encourage drivers of cars and trucks to share the road

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