If you’ve never driven on the beach before, you are in for a fun experience. Driving near the water is an activity that motorists have enjoyed for decades, and one that doesn’t look to go away anytime soon. If you’re thinking about getting in on the fun, you’ll need to implement a few tactics in order to decrease your chances of getting involved in a Volusia County car crash.

Know the Lanes

Typically, the beach features two lanes, which means you will experience two-way traffic. Know which lane you are supposed to be in and stay there.

Passing Is Prohibited

Since two-way traffic is present, passing the vehicle in front of you is strictly prohibited. Even if you believe the vehicle in front has stopped, you cannot pass it. Doing so puts you at risk for colliding with oncoming traffic.

Drive the Speed Limit

Motorists who choose to drive on the beach must adhere to the speed limit. Typically drivers are permitted to drive no faster than 10 mph. The speed limit is enforced, which means you could receive a ticket if you speed. Driving above the speed limit could also result in you striking a pedestrian or bicyclist, as vehicles and beach-goers are in close proximity.

Going to the beach should be an enjoyable experience, but when the worst happens, you’ll need the help of a Volusia County car crash lawyer. Driving recklessly should not occur anywhere, but particularly not on the beach.

If you are living with injuries because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve to receive compensation. When the insurance company doesn’t want to give you what you are owed, the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert will fight for your rights. Call us to schedule an appointment with an attorney to discuss your situation.

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