Now that you’re older, you may be retired or thinking of retirement. Maybe you have a little more free time. If so, you may have always dreamed of buying your own motorcycle. And although traveling around Daytona Beach on a motorcycle is certainly enjoyable and a great way to travel, it is quite dangerous for senior bikers.

Bikers over 60 years of age are three times more likely to be killed in crashes than younger riders. Moreover, motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in crashes than automobile drivers, and getting on the bike could be an especially dangerous prospect for seniors.

Tips for Senior Bikers

Even with extreme care, it’s not always possible to prevent an accident. But the following measures can help you decrease the chances:

  • Get familiar with today’s bikes. If you’ve never been on a bike, you may be surprised at just how powerful they are now. Even models that have smaller engines still have serious horsepower. Make sure you do your research, and take many test rides before you decide on which bike to make yours.
  • Wear a helmet. Although the state of Florida doesn’t require bikers to wear helmets, doing so can keep seniors safe. According to a study based on the findings of the U.S. National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), middle-aged people and seniors are prone to brain injuries when involved in crashes, in addition to internal organ damage and injuries around the chest and rib cage. Donning a helmet when you ride could stop you from experiencing life-changing injuries.
  • Drive defensively. Seniors are vulnerable to crashes because of weaker vision, slower reflexes, brittle bones, and underlying medical conditions. But if you drive defensively, avoid speeding and tailgating, and keeping your focus on the road, you may keep yourself safe.

We Can Help Fight for Your Rights

Even the safest drivers can’t always stop another person’s negligence from causing an accident. If you suffered injuries from a collision that wasn’t your fault, the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert may be able to help. Contact us today at 800.556.8890 to learn how.