How can a helmet help me during a Daytona motorcycle crash?

You may think that wearing a helmet while riding your motorcycle is a no-brainer, but not everyone feels this way. Many riders complain that helmets are bulky and heavy. They feel that wearing helmets hinders them and their riding experience.

Dealing with these inconveniences, however, can possibly prevent a myriad of devastating and catastrophic injuries from taking place. Here, a Daytona motorcycle crash lawyer discusses why wearing a helmet is helpful.

  • A Helmet Prevents Fatalities. It’s probably no surprise that hundreds of motorcycle deaths occur annually. In fact, the rate has doubled in the past decade, and Florida has one of the highest fatality scores each year. Wearing a helmet reduces the overall risk of dying in a crash by about 37 percent, according to the National Traffic Safety Board.
  • A Helmet Saves You Money. Medical expenses and other costs after a motorcycle accident typically add about $310,000 per crash-involved motorcyclist. Because insurance probably won’t cover everything, you’ll likely end up paying for ambulance transportation, hospitalization, long-term care, rehabilitation, and intensive care services. Of course, wearing a helmet cuts these likely expenses my making sure that some of the worst injuries never happen.
  • A Helmet Prevents Brain Injuries. Brain injuries can affect you for the rest of your life. When your head hits the pavement or the other person’s vehicle, the amount of trauma it experiences is dramatic, and the results are usually life-changing and catastrophic. By wearing a helmet, you may be able to avoid a life of being disabled.

Becoming involved in a Daytona motorcycle crash is shocking, particularly if you’re not wearing a helmet. If you are the victim of such an accident, you likely have lots of medical bills and obstacles ahead. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert may be able to help you receive compensation for these fees. Connect with us today and schedule a consultation. We have assisted many bikers who were in the same situation as you, and may be able to help you, as well.

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