If you’ve ever worn a motorcycle helmet while riding, you may have found it to be quite cumbersome. Along with the weight of the helmet and how restricting it is, your vision and hearing may have also been compromised. Florida citizens opposed to mandatory helmet laws often believe that helmets can cause more problems than they prevent. Could a helmet put you in danger of getting into an Ormond Beach bike crash?

Vision Results

The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission conducted a study that measured how much a helmet affected a rider’s vision. The test concentrated on the lateral field of vision that is lost when a rider wears a helmet. The results showed that a majority of the drivers were able to compensate for the lost vision simply by turning their heads a bit more. Additionally, the helmets did not hamper the ability of the drivers to see traffic, nor did it increase the amount of time needed to visually check for oncoming traffic.

Hearing Results

The study also found that there were no significant differences in the riders’ ability to hear signals regardless of whether they were wearing a helmet. The only change detected occurred when the riders were traveling between 30 and 50 mph. Hearing signals was more difficult because of the noise created by wind, not because of anything related to the helmet.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission does not believe that helmets cause crashes because of difficulty seeing or hearing, and if you’re involved in an Ormond Beach bike crash, you’ll want to be wearing a helmet. Helmets can prevent you from suffering severe and life-threatening injuries.

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