A Florida motorcycle accident can lead to many painful injuries, including road burn, also known as road rash.  This type of motorcycle accident injury is excruciating and can result in many other complications.

Road burns are a major risk that motorcyclists face.  This injury occurs when a motorcyclist is dragged or thrown from the motorcycle.  When the skin comes into contact with pavement it can lead to painful road burn injuries.  Even protective gear may not prevent damage.  If the motorcyclist is dragged across the pavement in a motorcycle accident all the layers of the skin can literally be stripped away. 

A road burn injury can be serious and may require surgery, skin grafts and plastic surgery to help the skin heal properly.  It can also lead to the following:

Avulsion injury: This injury is also known as a full-thickness wound and occurs when the skin layers are scraped or stripped.  Muscle and fat may become visible.

Crush injury: Also referred to as a compression injury, this type of wound happens when a limb is trapped between two objects.  For example, a motorcyclist may sustain a crushing injury if his arm is caught between his motorcycle and the road.

Open wounds: When the skin is scrapped against a surface at high speed, it can result in an open wound.  Stitches are often required to assist in the healing process.  This type of injury has also been associated with infection.

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