bad_roadRoad hazards pose a potential threat to all travelers, but a pothole that causes a flat tire for a driver could have fatal consequences for a biker. Motorcyclists are well aware of the danger of serious injury from pothole accidents, but the truth is the open road can contain almost limitless hazards.

The good news is bikers who are injured by road defects or debris may be able to collect payment for the effects of the accident.

Common Road Hazards That Pose a Threat to Florida Motorcyclists

While any road hazards can cause injury, not all dangers form the basis of an injury claim. An animal running into the road is a constant danger to bikers, but it will be difficult to name a negligent party that could be responsible.

On the other hand, there are people who can be held responsible for injuries caused by:

  • Spilled gravel. Gravel, sand, and other effects of road construction should be cleaned up quickly, as it can make the pavement slippery and cause tires to skid.
  • Rough or uneven roads. Road surfaces should be as smooth as possible and provide proper traction for all road users. Pavement that is bumpy from shoddy asphalt repair, construction work, or ongoing resurfacing efforts may cause a motorcyclist to lose control, while uneven travel lanes can “pull” a biker’s front wheel in a different direction.
  • Debris. Trucking companies may be liable for spilled cargo, ruined tires, and other debris left in the road. Similarly, a municipal government can be held responsible for injuries caused by standing water, fallen leaves, or uneven grates.
  • Sight problems. Poor road design, untrimmed foliage, and blind curves can give a rider little time to react to danger ahead.
  • Paint and metal on road surfaces. City governments may be liable for the crosswalks, railway crossings, and bridge joints that cause a sudden change in traction for a rider.

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