Having a passenger on the back of your bike is one of the perks of driving a motorcycle. Sharing the ride with your significant other, friend, family member or practically anyone makes the experience even more enjoyable. Many things can go wrong during these trips and leave those involved with serious injuries. If you implement a few practices into the way you drive, you may be able to prevent a Florida motorcycle accident.

Take the Extra Weight Into Consideration

The extra weight from another body on your bike can cause your motorcycle to act and perform much differently than when you are riding alone. As a result, you’ll need to adjust the way you drive. For instance, you’ll need to brake carefully, as the extra weight on the back of the bike increases your stopping power. Additionally, if your passenger is heavy, speeding, slowing down and turning will take longer than usual.

An Extra Passenger Means More Width

You may not think that a passenger on the back of your bike will have much effect on how wide your motorcycle is, but it actually does. You’ll need to take this into consideration when you attempt to ride through tight areas, and when you take turns. You’ll also need to give yourself more time and space when passing other vehicles.

A passenger can receive grave injuries if involved in a Florida motorcycle accident. These injuries could be life-changing or even catastrophic. As the driver, it is up to you to take the precautions you need to increase your chances of staying safe.

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