For many drivers and passengers, the first thing they do when they get into a vehicle is snap on their seatbelts. When most people are in cabs, however, they forgo this step.  This was the case for Nobel Prize-winning economist John F. Nash Jr. and his wife Alicia when they were tragically killed on the New Jersey expressway in an accident in May of 2015. Investigators reported the couple were not wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident and were thrown from the back seat of their taxi.

Why Seatbelt Use Is Neglected on Public Transportation

Although it is common sense to wear a seat belt, and many people know they save lives, they often skip this important step for a variety of reasons when they allow others to drive for them.

  • The law. Only front seat drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts, according to Florida law. Because cab passengers in the back seat are not legally obligated to wear seat belts, many neglect to do so.  Cab drivers may also fail to ask their passengers to wear them since doing so is not required.
  • Short trips. Those who travel short distances don’t think much can happen during their limited time in the vehicle, so they don’t feel the need to wear their seat belts. However, since a majority of accidents typically occur just a few miles away from home, wearing a seat belt is important no matter where you’re going.
  • Discomfort and public perception. Medical conditions can make wearing seat belts uncomfortable or even painful. Additionally, children, teenagers, and young adults may believe that wearing seat belts makes them look “uncool” and avoid doing so because of it.

Seat Belts Save Lives and We Can Save You Money

Although seat belts can save lives, they can’t always protect you from getting hurt in an accident. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert will fight to get you the money you deserve when you’re the victim of an accident. Contact us today to learn how.