Ask a Florida motorist if he or she is a good driver and chances are pretty good the answer will be, “Yes!”

Most folks drive safely and get where they’re going. Some don’t. Traffic studies show there are nearly a quarter million vehicle accidents in Florida annually, killing and maiming thousands, according to the firm of Johnson & Gilbert, P.A., auto accident attorneys at Ormond Beach who represent crash victims throughout greater Daytona Beach and the central and northern coastal areas.

The law firm’s experienced staff and attorneys cite National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics showing summer months are the most dangerous, but note there are some common-sense steps for giving yourself the best chance for a safe trip year around:

Do’s for Safe Automobile Travel

  • Keep your car fit. Periodically check brakes, tires, engine fluids, windshield wipers, and mirrors.
  • Be a defensive driver and expect the unexpected from those on the road with you. Plan ahead. Slow down in inclement weather.
  • Insist everyone in your car buckle up. It’s the law in Florida. Seat belts and safety restraints have saved thousands of adults and children from death and serious injury.
  • Plan your route carefully, especially if your destination is new to you.

Don’ts for Dodging Florida Auto Crash Dangers

  • Don’t eat, drink, talk, or text on a cell phone in traffic.
  • Don’t remain in other vehicles’ blind spots and don’t tailgate. Let tailgaters around you if possible. That’s better then winding up injured in the middle of the road sitting in a mangled car.
  • Don’t disrespect trucks and other large vehicles on the road. Give them the space needed to travel safely.
  • Don’t let road rage distract you.

With years of helping central and north coastal Florida car crash victims, our experienced traffic injury attorneys at Johnson and Gilbert know these practices can keep you safer on Florida streets and highways. But if you are in an auto accident, call the firm at 386.673.4412 or toll-free at 800.556.8890 to schedule a free consultation.

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