Restaurant Burn InjuriesFood service professionals often work physically-demanding jobs at a hectic pace. This puts them in serious danger of suffering burns that cause permanent scarring; require expensive medical treatments; and result in long periods of time off work with no income while they recover.

Some people in the food service industry don't have good wages, so any medical emergency can be a huge financial hardship. If you've suffered a burn injury on the job, our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys are ready to help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you're entitled to under Florida law.

Reasons Restaurant Workers Suffer Burn Injuries

According to the Burn Foundation, 12,000 employees in the food industry suffer burns each year—the highest number in any employment sector. Cooks and chefs aren't the only ones in danger of suffering these injuries. Food handlers, other kitchen help, and wait staff also are frequently burned.

The risk is highest for teenagers who work in the fast food industry as fry cooks. They're often less experienced and under constant pressure to work at a fast pace. This can be especially dangerous when they're working with hot fryers where the temperature of the oil can reach 300–to–500 degrees.

There are a number of other ways food industry workers can suffer burns, including:

  • Hot liquids, steam, oils, and grease
  • Hot sauces and foods
  • Stoves, grills, and ovens
  • Fires caused by hot oil or grease
  • Exposed electrical wires or appliances
  • Malfunctioning or poorly-maintained equipment

Restaurants, cafeterias, bars, and other locations where food is served are environments where workers are burned. Often this is due to:

  • Lack of safety rules. Many employers in the food industry fail to implement safety measures that prevent burn injuries. In some cases, they also neglect to provide basic first aid kits on the job site.
  • Work pressures. Individuals in the food industry are under constant pressure to work faster and to get the food orders out quickly. This can cause them to ignore safety measures, or feel the need to cut corners, which can lead to injuries.
  • Alcohol or drug use. When employees go to work after consuming alcohol or drugs, their judgment, reaction times, and concentration can be impaired, and they can make mistakes, with long-term consequences if they're burned.

Let Us Help You With Workers’ Compensation

If you're a food industry worker who experienced severe burns on the job, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. Our knowledgeable attorneys are here to guide you through the process of filing your claim and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. We offer a free initial consultation. Take advantage of it to learn about your legal rights and our experience in these cases. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.


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