Florida truck accidents are usually very serious. Over 85 percent of the victims who are injured or killed in a crash with a tractor-trailer or dump truck are the occupants of passenger cars. In a recent article, the Ormond Beach truck accident attorneys of Johnson & Gilbert pointed out how important it was for these victims to secure evidence of the truck’s liability immediately after the accident has occurred.
What sort of evidence can you find on the scene of a Florida truck crash?
An experienced and skilled tractor-trailer accident lawyer will take steps to secure or guarantee access to a wide range of information and potential evidence, such as:
  • The vehicles and the accident scene: An expert accident reconstruction may be necessary, as well as a forensic analysis of the vehicles. Pictures of debris, vehicles, road signs, and tire marks, as well as witness and police reports can all be invaluable.
  • Electronic data: Trucks and cars have navigation systems and black boxes that provide useful information about speed, hours traveled, and the “last stop event.” Cell phones can also be a crucial source of evidence about what happened before the crash.
  • Papers: Truck drivers and motor carriers are required to fill out a lot of paperwork starting with the driver’s logbook registering hours of service. Other papers include pickup and delivery records and manifests, fuel receipts, weigh tickets, lease agreements, CDL, truck registration, repair and maintenance papers, credit card receipts, etc.
  • Truck driver and motor carrier files: These can include driver qualification and medical records, driver recruitment files and traffic violation records, motor carrier evaluation files, insurance agreements, corporate structure and affiliated companies, truck lease and ownership documents, and trailer ownership documents.
The starting assumption of any Florida large truck accident case is that proving the motor carrier’s fault is not a foregone conclusion. You may be entitled to compensation even if you think you caused the crash, and you may have to fight tooth and nail for your rights even if the crash was obviously caused by the truck driver.
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