If you are a biker, you are probably all too aware of the dangers facing you. You are riding with vehicles that are much taller and wider than your own, and you lack the protection that these “cages,” or cars, trucks and vans, have. This means that if you get into a crash, you could likely suffer serious injuries. Therefore, it makes sense to take measures to try to prevent such Florida motorcycle crashes from occurring.

Prepare for Florida Weather

Florida weather is unpredictable: one minute it can be bright and sunny, and then in the next, you’ve got a storm on the way. Riding in the rain is not only miserable, but can be extremely dangerous, as well. Paying attention to what the weather may have in store for the day can help you decide if it is safe to take a bike out onto the road.

Here are two key tips that can help you defend your own safety:

  • Beware of Motorists. Riding on I-95 or other major Florida highways can be quite treacherous for bikers. Being surrounded by large vehicles moving at fast speeds can cause major wrecks. Be aware of your surroundings and always keep track of the vehicles around you and what they are doing. An accident can occur if you aren’t paying attention for even just a second.
  • Drive on the Defensive. Although speeding and swerving in-and-out of traffic is certainly exhilarating, it is also quite dangerous and can cause you to become injured in an accident. Instead of driving aggressively, take the defensive route: drive the speed limit, give yourself plenty of space, and obey all traffic laws, including using your turn signals. Take a proactive role in your safety and increase your chances of staying safe.

Florida motorcycle crashes are often costly and dangerous. If you are the victim, you may be facing large medical bills and expensive vehicle repairs. The law offices of Johnson and Gilbert don’t think you should be responsible for these fees. Give us a call at 800.556.8890 to find out more.

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