You are a safe driver and take excellent care of your bike, but unfortunately, you were involved in an Ormond Beach motorcycle crash. You believe the accident occurred as a result of a recalled part. As you may know, in order for the court to believe you, you’ll need to prove that a malfunctioning part was indeed the cause of your crash. Here, a lawyer explains what kind of proof is required.

You Need to Prove…

That You Take Care of Your Vehicle

In order to prove the crash was not caused by something you did, you’ll need to provide proof that you take care of your motorcycle. This could mean receipts for preventative care and documented history of actions you have performed in order to keep up with the needs of your motorcycle.

That the Bike Was Unsafe

Your attorney will also need to prove that the bike was manufactured with a defective part or was made incorrectly and was therefore, unsafe. As you might imagine, proving this can be challenging.

That the Part Caused Your Accident

The lawyer will need to obtain proof that the recalled part was the cause of your motorcycle crash. Again, proving this may be difficult. The attorney may bring in experts who can attest to the fact that the bike was made improperly and that the recall was the reason you were involved in a crash.

Getting injured in an Ormond Beach motorcycle crash is an unfortunate and unfair event, particularly when it is not your fault. If you feel your accident was caused by a recalled part, you’ll need the help of an experienced attorney to protect you and your rights.

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