Having a person sitting on the back of your bike with you while you’re riding may not seem like a big deal, but it is. In addition to being responsible for the safety of that person, you also have to control the bike. Having extra weight in the back can make your motorcycle behave differently, and you’ll have to learn how to compensate to prevent getting into a crash. Giving your motorcycle a safety overhaul before your passenger gets on could prevent your involvement in a Florida motorcycle accident.

Consult Your Owner’s Manual

Before you invite anyone to ride on your bike, make sure it is equipped to handle more than one person. Look in your owner’s manual to determine your motorcycle’s weight limitations, and if your tire pressure or suspension should be adjusted for the extra passenger. The manual will also tell you about operational recommendations and equipment setup.

Inspect Your Seat

In order to be safe, your passenger will need to sit on an actual seat—riding on the back of your bike isn’t acceptable. Examine your seat to ensure it is large enough for another body. If not, you will likely need to pass on riding with a passenger.

Riders will also need to make sure their passengers are also equipped with properly-fitting helmets to be as safe as possible.

If despite your best efforts, you become the victim of a Florida motorcycle accident, the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert want to help. We’ve helped many clients just like you receive compensation for injuries they’ve sustained in bike crashes. Contact us today to find out if we can do the same for you.

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