It’s a beautiful day and you’re enjoying Florida’s amazing scenery while riding your motorcycle down the road. Maybe you’re on a busy but still scenic highway like I-95, or perhaps you are simply enjoying one of the sunshine state’s quiet streets. Either way, you’re unprepared when you find yourself involved in an Ormond Beach motorcycle crash.

You’re sure you didn’t do anything wrong, and maybe the other driver isn’t to blame, either. Perhaps your bike had a part recall and you didn’t know anything about it. Companies recall motorcycle parts often because they are defective; when a defective part causes a bike to malfunction, it can lead to an accident.

Two types of problems may cause a recall:

  • Manufacturing Defects. Motorcycle companies put lots of time, effort and money into ensuring that they create safe bikes. They test all of the pieces it takes to put the vehicles together, as they want their products to be the best. However, sometimes the bike is put together incorrectly, which is when manufacturing defects occur. The mistake can happen at the factory in which the bike was made, during shipping, at the dealership, or the plant where the motorcycle was assembled.
  • Design Defects. Even despite their best efforts, motorcycle companies can still design dangerous bikes. In an attempt to create the fastest or sleekest bike, or even one that has the smoothest ride, companies can develop a design that just isn’t safe. Called a design defect, this error occurs when the motorcycle or motorcycle part has a dangerous design that can cause or lead to a dangerous accident.

You can find out if your bike has a recalled part by asking your mechanic, or visiting the web site

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